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报告题目:Understanding Water Ice: Ten Weird Facts

报告人:孙长庆 教授

孙长庆,辽宁建昌人,澳大利亚默多克大学物理学博士,英国皇家化学会和物理学会高级会员。曾从教于南洋理工和天津大学并先后受聘为湖南省“百人计划”和浙江省“千人计划”学者。研究方向包括化学吸附,水与水合动力学,单键固体力学等。著有《化学键的弛豫》《水规则六十条》《计量谱学》并在《化学评论》等期刊发表了20余篇专题评论和研究报告。发表论文约380 篇,引用万余次,H-指数57。曾获夸瑞兹密国际科学一等奖和南洋首届科研创新奖。

主持人:崔小强 教授





报告摘要:As the source and central part of all life, the simple substance, water ice (H2O), bends the rules - it is too strange, too anomalous, and too challenging. Ideas in terms of continuum thermodynamics, molecular dynamics, or structural order configuration could hardly explain completely the weird facts that one can observe. From the perspective of hydrogen bond (O:HO) cooperativity and polarizability, we have reconciled the mysteries of water ice subjecting to mechanical compression, thermal stimulation, molecular undercoordination, and electromagnetic excitation. Here we share understanding of ten typical facts: ice floating, ice regelation, ice friction, “instant” icing, nanobubble stability, water’s tough skin, salt ice melting, floating water bridge, frog maglev, and the Mpemba paradox - warmer water cools faster. As the basic structural and energy-exchange unit, the O:HO bond cooperative relaxation in length and energy rules the weirdness of water ice.


Received his PhD in Physics at Murdoch University in 1996 and then joined NTU to date, Dr Sun has been working on the themes of Chemisorption, Solvation, Nano-Physics, Multifield Single-bond Mechanics, and Water Ice with attainments featured in three monographs [1-3] and multiple treatises featured in Chem Rev, Surf Sci Rep, Prog Mater Sci., etc. [4-6].



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