College of Materials Science and Engineering, Jilin University was established by merging the original Department of Materials Science, Jilin University, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Jilin University of Technology, and School of Materials Science and Engineering, Changchun University of Science and Technology. The college has 5 departments, involving department of material science, department of metallic materials engineering, department of polymer materials and engineering, department of inorganic non-metallic materials engineering, department of materials processing engineering. On this basis, Key Laboratory of Automobile Materials (Jilin University), Ministry of Education, Open Laboratory of Ministry for Land Resources for Functional Minerals Application Basis and Physicochemical Properties Testing Methods, Automobile Materials Engineering Center of Jilin Province, Solid Waste Resources Utilization Engineering Research Center of Jilin Province, Metal Materials and Processing Technology Research Center of Jilin Province were built. The college has 5 bachelor degree majors, 4 master degree majors, 3 doctoral degree conferring units, primary discipline doctoral degree conferring rights for materials science and engineering, primary discipline postdoctoral workstation. The disciplines cover superplasticity and plasticity research institute and rolling and forging technology research institute. Meanwhile, it is equipped with three Changjiang Scholar Professor positions, namely, "materials chemistry and physics", "materialogy" and "materials processing engineering". It is characterized by full-range disciplines and the combination of science and technology, with the teaching and scientific research level ranking the forefront in China. It was crowned as one of the top 1% scientific research institutions of 1993~2003 by American scientific and technological information. The material science ESI ranked the world's top 1/100 in 2004 and the 1/1000 in 2014.

The college has knowledgeable, rigorous and rational teaching staff. Currently, there are 71 professors (including 51 doctoral supervisors) and 53 associate professors. A number of well-known scholars such as Professor Yuquan Song (academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Professor Yuanyuan Li (academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Professor Qing Jiang, Professor Weitao Zheng ("Changjiang Scholar" of the Ministry of Education), Professor Li Yuanyuan, Professor Lian Jianshe, Professor Qing Jiang, Professor Weitao Zheng (National Outstanding Youth Fund Winners) are all teaching in this school. In addition, the college has 1 winner of national "1000-person Program", 1 winner of "Top Youth Talents of 10000-person Program", 2 winners of "Youth 1000-person Program", 2 winners of national "Outstanding Youth Science Foundation", 3 winners of "Changbai Mountain Scholars" of Jilin Province, 10 Trans-century and New-century talents of the Ministry of Education, 1 winner of Colleges and Universities Young Teacher Award, and 6 winners of "Tang Aoqing Distinguished Professors" of Jilin University. The college has formed a sustainable research team with high overall level and reasonable age and knowledge structure. The college has held more than 200 academic lectures and has attended more than 100 international conferences. In recent years, the college has dispatched more than 50 persons to the United States, Germany, Britain, France and other countries to study aboard, have lectures, receive training and attend academic lectures.

The college has made remarkable achievements in scientific research and teaching. After the merger, the college has undertaken and completed more than 400 projects above provincial level, including 21 projects such as "973", "863", key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, the European Union framework agreement project, and so on. The college has undertaken "Zhungeer Mining Area Coal Ash Comprehensive Utilization" Project of Shenhua Zhungeer Energy Co., Ltd. with a research fund of RMB 23.59 million. It is the largest horizontal research projects undertaken by the college. The college has won 27 national, ministerial, provincial science and technology achievement awards, including 1 State Natural Science Award (the 2ndprize), 2 State technological inventions award (the 2nd prize), 1 national scientific and technological progress award (the 2nd prize), 1 Chinese patent award and 1 excellence award, 11 ministerial and provincial first prizes, as well as more than 150 national invention patents. The college has published nearly 1800 SCI indexed papers, which has been cited by others for more than 16000 times, and 4 persons have been crowned as China highly cited scholars of 2015. The college has complied and published 10 international monograph manuals, 9 domestic academic monographs or textbooks, which have produced important influence at home and abroad. In terms of personnel cultivation, more than 500 doctors (2 winners of National Excellent Doctoral Thesis, 3 nominations), more than 1,400 masters and 6000 undergraduates have graduated from this college. The college has obvious characteristics and advantages in the following areas: 1. multi-point dieless forming technology, 2. non-equilibrium solidification theory and technology, 3. nano phase change theory, 4. growth of thin films and thin film theory, 5. electrode materials for energy storage. 6. advanced materials welding and joining, 7. new superplastic magnesium alloy, 8. high strength high toughness casting aluminum alloy, 9. new hot-work die steel and so on. The college has made a number of high level research achievements in nano materials, polymer materials, inorganic non-metal materials, automotive engineering materials, growth of thin films and thin film theory, polymer crosslinking and grafting theories, mechanical behaviors and micro mechanism of metal materials, superplasticity and plastic precision machining, modern car molding technology of research, and some achievements have obtained obvious economic and social benefits.

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